Fitness Equipment Maker Peloton to Offer Free Workout Classes for a Year to UnitedHealth’s Members

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Fitness Equipment Maker Peloton to Offer Free Workout Classes for a Year to UnitedHealth's Members
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Fitness Equipment Maker Peloton to Offer Free Workout Classes for a Year to UnitedHealth’s Members

The fitness equipment maker Peloton has decided to offer free workout classes to UnitedHealth’s members for a year!

Members of UnitedHealth can avail free access to workout classes for a full year without any additional cost.

Peloton Interactive Inc

According to the story by Reuters, Peloton Interactive Inc, the popular interactive fitness equipment maker, noted that it would provide the members of the United Group’s millions that are fully insured access to the company’s workout classes for a year without any additional costs.

The members of this popular US health insurer can reportedly enroll along with Peloton by the start of September.

There are reportedly nearly 4 million of the insurer’s members that can now have access to thousands of Peloton’s different live as well as on-demand fitness classes. The classes range from strength, outdoor running, yoga, indoor cycling, walking, and even meditation.

Peloton Tread+ now requires subscription as the company works on heart rate armbands.

Peloton Call Center Plans

At the end of a year, participants can decide to renew the membership at the market rate directly through Peloton, according to the statement.

The shares of Peloton were reportedly up by 5% in early trade as per USNews.

The story by AZCentral notes that the pandemic has even brought a surge in sales for the wide demand for at-home fitness equipment. This is in part leading to Peloton’s plans to be able to open a brand new call center in Tempe.

Peloton to Hire 350 Workers

Peloton, popular for its highly in-demand stationary bicycles, treadmills, and even other fitness equipment, announced that it would hire 350 workers at a new member support center located near the Loop 101 as well as 202 exchange.

The company is now expected to move into a whole 50,000 sq ft. building in the new growing employment corridor located in north Tempe.

Peloton is now mass hiring member support workers that work with customers in order to answer questions as well as help resolve certain issues regarding the services or equipment.

Different information technology, sales, operations support, and even the human resources-type positions are also open.

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Peloton 3700 Employees

The starting wage is reportedly at $19 an hour and the company even offers 401(k) match as well as tuition reimbursement. People that are interested in applying can check out the information found on the official Peloton website.

Peloton had originally housed its own member support team at its own headquarters in New York. However, the company opened a dedicated member support center in Plano, Texas, back in 2018 as the company started to grow. The company’s expansion to Tempe represented their continued growth. Peloton has suffered hacker attacks in the past as hackers were able to bypass the system.

Peloton employs a whopping 3,700 people and has a showroom located at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

However, the Tempe site is actually the very first office located in the Valley. The company also decided to choose Maricopa County due to the existing pool of other customer service talent located in the region, according to the company’s statement.

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