What to get for under $30 at Outpost at Forestry Camp

Burial Beer has never been content to offer food that is merely OK. Its approach has never been to assume the beer will impair your judgment enough to not notice if the food is bad.

The first permanent food truck contracted to cook onsite at Burial now is a restaurant in the River Arts District. What better place to look for a restaurant where you can eat well but on a budget than the Outpost at Forestry Camp?

The Outpost is situated on the lower floor of the same building as the main Forestry Camp restaurant. The seating is communal with long tables allowing you to space out as desired. You will also find plenty of covered outside dining available up the stairs in the bar area or on ground level next door. 

Grilled flatbread with smoked trout, shiso mayo, pickled peppers and scallions August 13, 2021.

The beer menu delves beyond Burial brews, though you’d be remiss not to look closely at the home team options. You may miss out on something spectacular, like its red wine barrel-aged Barleywine. They also list rare selections on tap like Hudson Valley’s aged foudre-fermented sour farmhouse ale. Should beer not be for you, cocktails, wine and nonalcoholic options all exist at the Outpost.