What is ice-rolling? Skin expert reveals how to use an ice roller on your face

Helena V Berbie

What is ice-rolling? Skin expert reveals how to use an ice roller on your face to reduce the look of fatigue, puffiness and redness

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What is ice rolling, and is it really the secret to glowing, tightened skin?

Whether you want to reduce redness, get rid of facial bloating and puffiness, or bestow a glowing complexion, according to beauty experts, an ice roller is essential tool to have on hand.

Providing a salon-worthy facial in the comfort of your own home, ice-rolling is a form of cold therapy that involves massaging the face with an ice roller filled with a gel that you store in the freezer.

Ice rollers are relatively inexpensive and readily available online at Amazon (Pictured: Pretty See Ice Roller)

Think of ice-rolling as a mini cryotherapy treatment that uses sub-zero temperatures to shock the skin for improved circulation

 Ice-rolling is a form of cold therapy that involves massaging the face with an ice roller filled with a gel that you store in the freezer

‘In the salon, ice rollers work really well to reduce inflammation and calm the skin after certain treatments such as extractions or a chemical peel,’ explains Fatma Gunduz, a Senior Therapist at Skin & Sanctuary in Hackney, London.

‘At home, they’re best used as a good addition to a manual massage to help reduce puffiness and drain away toxins.’

The tool, which is available for as little as £3.99 at Amazon, will remain cold throughout your facial massage, helping boost circulation and reduce the appearance of pore size, while decreasing facial puffiness.

Think of ice-rolling as a mini cryotherapy treatment – the celebrity-favourite treatment that uses sub-zero temperatures to shock the skin, causing a sudden flood of fresh blood and more oxygen to its surface.

How to use an ice roller 

1. Begin by gliding your globe or rollers from just under the inner corner of the eyes to the cheekbones either in a straight line or using very tiny circular movements, continuing on towards the lymph nodes at your temples.

2. Work downwards around the sides of your face towards the backs of your ears, down your neck and into the dip of your clavicle bone.

3. Next, start from under the chin and work outwards towards the back of the ear again, draining down into your neck.

Keep the pressure light, and as long as you’re moving all the time, there shouldn’t be any pain. 

If it does hurt, then you’re either applying too much pressure or holding it in one place for too long.


‘There are definite benefits such as instantly reducing the look of fatigue, puffiness and redness on the face as well as around the eyes,’ says Fatma.

‘The best devices, when used correctly, also help with a reduction in the appearance of enlarged pores which in itself limits the intake of toxins, dirt and grime, plus they aid lymphatic drainage by helping to flush away built-up toxins.’

However, Fatima notes that ice-rolling is very much a short term fix rather than a long-term solution for skin tightening, brightening and wrinkle reduction.

She adds: ‘I can’t believe that something containing just water, gel or anti-freeze in a container will do much other than in the very short term for pore size. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.’

On Amazon, ice rollers are a hit among shoppers, with users praising them for reducing puffy under-eyes associated with hayfever. Others like to use them to relieve pain associated with migraines.

‘Brilliant for hay fever sufferers!’ one shopper wrote in their review for one popular ice roller. 

‘Eyes were puffy every morning when it was grass and tree pollen season, and would use it to soothe my eyes and nose. Works a dream and still use it if I have a headache, good for tension.’ 

Another commented: ‘After the first use, I noticed within minutes my skin was more glowy, and all my puffiness had gone,’

‘Now I use it every morning to depuff and tighten my skin.’

A third agreed, writing: ‘Straight away my skin has tightened and less puffy. I can’t speak to the long benefit, but after weeks of using this, the short term benefit is pretty amazing and cost-effective and highly recommended.’


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