Peloton Bikes are $400 Cheaper, But Are Indoor Bikes Good for Health vs. Outdoor Exercise?

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Peloton Bikes have added a discount for its indoor training bikes, now $400 cheaper than its original price, and it gives people a chance to invest in an indoor exercise experience. However there are still thoughts on which equipment to buy, would it be the indoor bike or an outdoor bike, as concerns fill up the user’s mind. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it dangerous for people to go outside even for exercising and not staying at one place to catch the virus. The pandemic has promoted indoor exercise for most users, focusing on the likes of applications and influencers to guide them through workouts.

Peloton Bikes $400 Cheaper Now

Peloton Bike+

(Photo : Peloton)

According to a blog post from Peloton, it is making its indoor bikes to be more accessible and available for users, without the hassle of getting their hands on the training equipment. Peloton’s bikes have improved significantly over the years, and it features more technological features like its massive display for all needs and integrations. 

What Peloton did is to have discounts for its bikes, and it ranges to as much as $400 which is a massive price reduction on its expensive training bikes. It would be a permanent price knockdown from $1,895 to now at $1,495, for all customers in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Austria, and Germany. 

Peloton decides to make its training bikes more accessible for all users, bringing health and wellness closer to them, without the hassle of costing them extra. Additionally, the company is promoting a wider range of payment options that it could extend to all users. 

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Indoor Bikes vs. Outdoor Bikes

Peloton Bike+

(Photo : Peloton)

During the pandemic, most people were not allowed to go outside, even for outdoor exercise and social interaction. This pushed to people having the opportunity to use their indoor training equipment which was mostly left to catch dust as they go on with their daily and busy lives.

Indoor bikes are a massive help during this pandemic, as they can add to the options on working out, instead of the HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and other forms of workout. The best way to bike is still to go outside, as it gives people different kinds of training and awareness, as well as a better sense of balance. 

However, it is not that advisable during this time, as the Delta variants and other strains continue to plague the outdoor life. 

Exercise: Indoor and Outdoor Benefits

Both methods of exercise have benefits. However, Peloton’s indoor bike offers a more technological approach, as it borders on the display, apps, training regime, and engineering it has included with the bike. Moreover, it helps to be safe from the virus and any other accidents that may occur outside. 

Going outside and riding the bike is an experience like no other, especially as it brings users places to locations included in their bucket list. Additionally, there is a sense of achievement in going different places, with only one’s trusty bike, and bordering on one’s strength and fitness as they ride around. 

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