Look to WWII, not World Fair

Brandy makers have good reason to smile at the mention of Wisconsin, where mixologists pour brandy into a bevy of iconic Badger State cocktails.

Brandy slush. Brandy Alexander. Brandy Old-Fashioned. 

Wisconsin imbibers consume half of Korbel’s brandy supply annually. 

Going big on brandy here isn’t a recent trend. It’s a tradition. But its popularity might not be for the reasons you think.

As part of our What the Wisconsin? series that explores readers’ questions large and small about our state, we looked into the history of the Badger State’s taste for brandy.

Until recently, we were all enjoying a Wisconsin-loves-brandy origin story dating to 1893. But it might not hold water.

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Contrary to long-held lore, brandy love affair didn’t start at the World’s Fair