Lampley guilty of 2nd-degree murder

  • Markese Lampley claimed he was a “sovereign citizen’ and chose to represent himself on murder charges in attempted robbery of Edinboro Wendy’s in January 2020
  • Strategy went nowhere; jury on Friday convicted Lampley of second-degree murder in fatal shooting of Alexander Cavanah, 21, a manager at Wendy’s
  • Lampley faces mandatory life prison term with no parole at sentencing Aug. 18 before Judge Trucilla

With the evidence against Markese D. Lampley piling up and his self-representation strategy coming up short, only one real uncertainty remained as a jury on Friday deliberated whether he was guilty in the fatal shooting of a manager during an attempted robbery at the Wendy’s restaurant near Edinboro in early 2020.

Was Lampley guilty of first-degree murder, a premeditated killing?

Or was he guilty of second-degree murder, a killing committed during a felony, such as a robbery?

The jury convicted Lampley, 21, of second-degree murder and all 14 other criminal charges against him.

The nine men and three women acted swiftly in finding Lampley guilty in the death of the manager, Alexander Cavanah, 22.

After hearing four days of testimony, they reached their verdict in about an hour and 15 minutes, including time for lunch.