Jump Rope Apps to Download if You Want to Add the Exercise to Your Fitness Routine

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People, in general, are all the more gung-ho about being healthy and staying fit these days, and it is no wonder that many exercises and workouts that can be done anywhere convenient – especially at home – seem to be a favorite. 

One of such exercises is jump rope. It might come as a surprise to those who have not picked up a jump rope since they were children, but it is a popular workout among health and fitness enthusiasts. 

It might also surprise people that there is actually such a thing as smart jump ropes you can buy these days. 

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What many love most about jump rope routines and exercises is that you can do it anywhere. You can do it indoors or outdoors. You can be at home, at a park, in the parking lot, or anywhere that will not let you hit someone in the face with your rope. 

Another thing people love most about it is that it is one of those exercises you can do for 30 minutes or even less. 

If you want to give the exercise a try, why not download these apps too for a better jump rope journey?

Jump Rope Apps: Jump Rope Training | Crossrope

Jump Rope

(Photo : cottonbro from Pexels)

Jump rope apps are helpful for beginners who are trying out routines and such for the first time. An example of a newbie-friendly jump rope app is Crossrope. The app is a free download, but if you want access to all the workouts, challenges, and the  jump rope counter, you will have to pay. 

According to an article by Make Use Of, this app is “great for beginners, with challenges and tutorials to get you started on your jump rope journey.”

Crossrope is available for both iOS and Android. 

Jump Rope Apps: The Jump Rope Tricktionary

Jump Rope

(Photo : Element5 Digital on Unsplash)

The Jump Rope Tricktionary is one of the perfect jump rope apps to have if you want to make sure you nail your routines, and jump rope tricks. Per an article by Jump Rope Hub, the creator of this app has placed more than 150 jump rope tricks in the app and each trick has a video tutorial you can follow. 

The app also has a speed meter that counts the number of skips you do within a certain routine. This feature is readily available in the app. 

The Jump Rope Tricktionary is available only for Android. 

Jump Rope Apps: Nike Training Club

Woman Holding a Jump Rope

(Photo : Yaroslav Shuraev from Pexels)

If you do not want to limit yourself to an app containing only jump rope workouts, consider downloading Nike Training Club. 

According to an article by iMore, this app has a lot of workouts that feature jump rope. The workouts featured in the app are actually created by both users and professionals alike, so you will find one that fits your needs and skill set the most. 

The Nike Training Club app is available for both iOS and Android. 

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