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Philadelphia, September 8, 2021 / PRNewswire /-According to “The Current State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World,” about 81 million people worldwide will be undernourished in 2020. Proper nutrition is the basis of good health, but many still do not. You can access. To overcome this global challenge, MealCubes recreates the world’s healthiest diet with the convenience of some delicious candies to bring more efficient and affordable nutrition where you need it. To do.

MealCubes packs the highest amount of nutrition and calories into several cubes that taste like fruity candy through a unique 6-step process. MealCubes breaks down the entire diet into basic components (amino acids and peptides, carbohydrates, lipids, micronutrients), through efficient and affordable options, wild salmon, kale, sweet potatoes, avocados. We provide “real food” meals such as.

“A surprising number of people around the world are suffering from undernourishment. Recognizing the seriousness of this problem, we set out to revolutionize nutrition with Meal Cubes,” he said. Matthew Eronis, Co-founder and CEO of Meepo. “Meal Cubes will meet the daily demands of consumers and businesses, and will impact the future of food in space as consumer flight becomes more realistic.”

Meal Cubes was developed by Meepo, An emerging innovator focused on changing the world through next-generation nutrition technology. Meepo’s core mission is to revolutionize nutrition by making it accessible, affordable and personalized. In other words, to enrich all global citizens, regardless of where they were born, and to properly nourish their bodies and minds.

Each MealCube pack contains a “meal” consisting of small packs of cubes flavored with cherry, orange, and green apple, 420 calories, 25 grams of protein, 28 grams of healthy fat, and 23 grams. Contains complex calories, 35 essential vitamins and minerals. ..The product is available for purchase at And retail stores $ 5-$ 7 per “meal” at initial launch, while offering wholesale prices to healthcare, NGOs, and government partners.

Meepo’s nutrition claims are Eurofins (Eurofins), a food, environmental and pharmaceutical testing

MealCubes are in the right place to meet your needs:

  • Traveler: Whether by plane, train, hotel or resort, MealCubes gives travelers easy nutrition at all times. MealCubes is also an ideal solution for different types of travel, space. This product has been literally tested by astronauts and is ideal for consumption while aboard a spacecraft.
  • athlete: Meepo makes it easy to incorporate nutrition into your training plans, not only for professional, college and amateur athletes, but also for everyday fitness consumers and outdoor adventures.
  • Health care: Medical institutions, and living facilities for the elderly, can provide a complete diet of calories and key nutrients, as well as the essential vitamins needed by patients and front-line workers. At a fraction of the cost of a “real meal”.
  • education: Many children simply don’t get the nutrients they need because of taste, cost, lack of availability, or inconvenience. MealCubes nourishes in the form of affordable gummies that taste like treats.
  • Government / Army: Private and public institutions can leverage MealCubes to provide more efficient and effective nutrition to disaster relief and service members around the world.

About Meepo

Founded in 2019, Meepo has revolutionized nutrition by providing personalized nutrition that is accessible to everyone and affordable. Through nutritional technology and innovation, Meepo helps governments and organizations fight global hunger, help athletes achieve their best performance, and reach the edge that everyday gogetters are looking for. Has the ability to do. For more information on Meepo, please visit:

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Introducing MealCubes: Recreating a “real food meal” as a small cube that tastes like candy | Around the Web-Pennsylvania

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